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Welcome to Tara Shannon Art!

If you’re looking for artwork to add to your collection that is unlike anything you’ve seen before, take a look around my website, you might just, and I hope you do, find that special piece that speaks to you. :)

I specialize in a wide variety of mediums, including the digital arts, as you will see here. I strive to create both realistic and abstract compositions with  mesmerizing visuals and a perfect balance of composition, color, and texture in a style that is clean and professional.  

My work is inspired by nature, my own emotions and experiences that captures the beauty of the world around us....

and the journey from realism to abstraction. 

 I invite you to explore my artwork and hope that you will find that inspirational piece to enjoy in your home.


Tara Shannon is a multimedia artist from Erie, Pa.

Tara  graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where she earned her BFA -FAC majoring in painting and her Masters in EDLEAD.

Tara  is a Visual Arts instructor for the Erie School District where she teaches the fine arts studio classes at NWPA Collegiate Academy. 

 Tara is the mother of three children, Aislin, Cassidy and Michael. 

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Tara Shannon Art Black Eye Susan
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